Gallery 10 – To Liverpool (1)

In May and June 2007 “Maria” was horse-drawn to Liverpool, to be present there during the World Canals Conference.

This involved negotiating the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, which the society had not previously horse-boated.

Underground horseboating in Manchester – leaving Piccadilly Lock.

Approaching Minshull Street Bridge, Manchester.

Lifting the line over poorly designed railings on the Bridgewater Canal.

A new footbridge situated on the edge of the towpath is another obstacle to horse boating.

Poling past dense vegetation on the Leigh Branch, Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Approaching our mooring at the boatyard close to Wigan Pier.

“Maria” poses for photos in front of the windmill, Parbold.

“Maria” at the windmill, Parbold.

Lifting the line over a patch of very tall reeds!

Approaching Burscough Bridge.

Passing the former canal warehouse, Burscough Wharf.

Lifting the line over boats and fisherman!

Manipulating the line around various obstacles, Coxhead’s Swing Bridge.

Passing Jackson’s Bridge Farm.

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