Gallery 12 – To Liverpool (3)

In May and June 2007 “Maria” was horse-drawn to Liverpool, to be present there during the World Canals Conference.

This involved negotiating the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, which the society had not previously horse-boated.

This page shows the final stage of the journey between Litherland and Liverpool.

Attractive new canalside properties at Litherland.

Passing the British Waterways yard at Litherland.

Children on their way home from school stop to watch “Maria” pass.

Obstacles to navigation. This attractive stretch of canal is marred by the amount of rubbish in the water.

Queenie negotiates the changeline bridge at Stanley Road, Bootle.

Stanley Road Bridge, Bootle, with the Strand Centre on the left.

Queenie crosses Caroline Street changeline bridge, Bootle.

Caroline Street changeline bridge and railway bridge, Bootle.

“Maria” passes old canal warehouses at Bank Hall.

Deep grooves carved by towlines into the stonework of Boundary Bridge.

Approaching Eldonian Village, Liverpool.

So near, but… Queenie was unable to tow “Maria” the last few yards because of two motor cycle barriers!

“Maria” waits near the junction with the Stanley Dock branch while Sue investigates a way to get Queenie around the barriers.
There was only just room for “Maria” to moor up at Eldonian Village alongside the many other boats that had arrived this week.

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