Gallery 23 – Standedge 2009 (1)

These photos show horseboat Maria just before she was legged though Standedge Tunnel, 25th April 2009. The legging passage took 2 hours 47 minutes.

Featured in the photos is 90-year old Ronnie Barnes, the last surviving legger who worked through Standedge Tunnel before its closure.

The following photos are courtesy of Chris Sunderland and Mike Chase:

Sue Day and Bilbo Baggins addressing the onlookers. Photo: Chris Sunderland

Ronnie Barnes looks forward to the journey. Photo: Chris Sunderland

Sue Day and Michele Seed prepare to take the first turn at legging. Photo: Chris Sunderland

Ronnie waves as the boat is moved towards the tunnel entrance. Photo: Chris Sunderland

Sue Day and Michele Seed about to start legging. Photo: Chris Sunderland

The beer barrels of Leggers Bitter and Boat Lane Bitter arrive at Tunnel End, and Ronnie is interviewed by newspaper reporters. Photo: Mike Chase

The cake made by the Horseboating Society for the 90th year of Ronnie Barnes, last surviving legger of Standedge in the 1940s. Photo: Mike Chase

Ronnie gets his well deserved beer. Photo: Mike Chase

Ronnie cuts the cake to share with the crew and the welcoming crowd at Tunnel End, Marsden. Photo: Mike Chase

Also see photos of the return journey.

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