Gallery 7 – Solo Legging Standedge Tunnel

The photos on this page show the solo legging of the Ashton Packet Boat Company’s historic horseboat Maria through Standedge Tunnel by Horseboating Society member Nigel Dix on May 14th 2006.

35 year old Nigel, from Saddleworth, completed the mammoth task of legging the three-and-a-quarter mile tunnel in 3 hours and 3 minutes!

Nigel lay on the cabin roof and propelled the boat through without assistance. Where the tunnel was too high to reach the roof, Nigel used a pole to propel the boat forward. A back-up crew was on board in case Nigel was unable to complete the task, but, in the event, their services were not needed!

Nigel Dix gets ready on the cabin roof, from which he will leg the tunnel.

Despite poor weather, crowds gather at Tunnel End.

Robert Mackenzie (right) will walk Bonny the Boathorse over the moors to Diggle.

The easy bit – Nigel legs a brick lined section.

Nigel walks along the boat planks poling through a section where the roof is too high for legging.

Nigel gets dirtier as his boots bring down grit in an unlined section. He is wearing a face visor for protection.

The last few steps!

Emerging from the tunnel to the cheering crowd, with the BW safety boat a few minutes behind.

A proud but tired and dirty Nigel after his solo legging through Standedge Tunnel!

Diggle Band plays at the tunnel portal to celebrate the event.
First Legging of Standedge Tunnel for 59 years, May 7th.

Larger versions of these photos can be seen on Pennine Waterways website (external link).

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