Gallery 8 – To Marple with Robin Evans

In August 2006, the crew of Maria were joined by British Waterways’ Chief Executive Robin Evans and his wife for a journey along the Peak Forest Canal to Marple.

Robin was keen to get first-hand experience of horseboating and legged the boat through Hyde Bank Tunnel on his own, then steered it to Marple Aqueduct and the start of the Marple Locks. He then helped to operate the locks on the flight.

Photos on this page courtesy of Chris Smyth.

Robin walks the towpath with the horse, looking at the techniques and problems involved.

Robin sees how obstacles like railings can make towing difficult.

Lifting the towline over the railings.

Seeing how a turnover bridge works.

Queenie tows Maria through Gilbert Bank Bridge, Woodley.

Robin flexes his legs ready to leg through Hyde Bank Tunnel.

Maria emerges from Hyde Bank Tunnel.

The final step – Robin completes his legging of the tunnel.

Big smiles from Robin after legging the tunnel.

Robin steers Maria across Marple Aqueduct.

Crossing Marple Aqueduct.

Steering towards the bottom lock at Marple.

Working Maria up the 16 Marple Locks.
Robin and his Merry Band! At Marple Junction.

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