Horseboating DVD

Unfortunately Countryside Audio and Visual did not film either Bywater Cruises with its 12-seater boat or Vixen also a 12-seater operated by HBS. They felt they had enough passenger boats with the 4 companies which operate regularly. In fact they nearly missed out the Tiverton Company on the Grand Western in Devon due to travelling distance. However the HBS requested that all 4 regular companies be included.

The HBS owes massive thanks to Countryside Audio and Visual for the time they have put in unpaid to make this DVD. Great thanks also go to HBS member Diana Zeuner who provided the contact point for all this to happen. It is likely that the DVD will be available before Christmas. Watch this space.

Not all the material that HBS would have liked has been included in the DVD but there had to be limitations due to the availability on dates and travel with accommodation costs of Countryside Audio and Visual. Some techniques involved with horseboating will be shown but not as full a range as would have been preferred. Still the HBS looks forward to the DVD being on sale soon. It has taken several years for this project to get off the ground. The filming has been done by horse enthusiasts in the end as Video Active which makes many waterway DVDs was no longer willing to do the work unpaid as originally discussed with them.

The Horseboating Society will be promoted on the DVD and the HBS website can continue to provide an up to date list of operators of horse-drawn boats.

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