Stoke Bruerne to Braunston

Elland at Braunston Locks. Photo: Alan and Cath Fincher

Elland was horseboated from Stoke Bruerne to Braunston, including being legged through Braunston Tunnel, to take part in the Braunston Historic Boat Rally.

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The 2009 rally had a record turnout of 84 historic narrowboats. It was the first time that a horsedrawn narrowboat had attended the Rally which is established as the premier event for a historic boat gathering.

Elland was horsedrawn by Bilbo from Stoke Bruerne, where she and Bilbo had attended the Gala Weekend of the Canal Museum.

On the Saturday of the Braunston Rally, the HBS crew legged Elland through Braunston Tunnel while Bilbo was taken over the tunnel-top. Legging time, just under one hour for two pairs of leggers. Elland was then horseboated down the Braunston locks as a demo and photo opportunity, and this was much appreciated by the many observers with eyes, cameras, and video cameras.

Over the weekend, harnessing demos were held at the BW Stop House garden with Bilbo and Toy Bonny.

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