Elland at Diggle

Elland came into action as she was horseboated up the Marsden flight of the Huddersfield Narrow to Standedge Tunnel, in time for the national Heritage Open Days of English Heritage in September. Elland was legged through Standedge Tunnel while a guided walk was provided over the tunnel top, following boathorse Bilbo. The guided walk and tunnel legging were part of the Launch Weekend of the South Pennines Walk and Ride Festival.

The walk was very well attended. When the boat emerged from the tunnel, we horseboated with Bilbo to the Diggle top lock so the walkers had the opportunity to see a horse-drawn boat. A walker said, “Thank you so much for it all. It’s been a magical day.”

Elland is currently moored at Diggle tunnel portal, along with other boats, ready for the final Standedge Tunnel bi-centenary event of the year on Sunday September 18. Helpers please, for Sunday!

Plans for what happens next have changed dramatically within the last days. Elland will work her way horse-drawn down the locks from Marsden to Huddersfield next week, in order to take a motor tow to Leeds on Thursday. It is essential that Elland leaves the Huddersfield Narrow quickly on the east side as the canal is being closed for months of major building works in Huddersfield. Please, please respond to the appeal for crew.

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