Hereford and Gloucester Canal

Boat horse Gypsy Queen had the chance to pull the tug “Alder” at the Over Canal and Beer Festival at the Gloucester end of the Hereford and Gloucester Canal.

The journey was only about 150 yards, but that’s all there is there, at the moment! Still, that was the first horsedrawn boat on the H&G since 1881 (when the canal was closed and turned into the Gloucester to Ledbury Railway). There is a report of the event and pictures of Gypsy Queen pulling “Alder” here: Over Canal and Beer Festival.

Gypsy Queen is a heavyweight cob mare, 14.2hh. Born 2003. Had a foal Sonny Jim (black & white) in May 2007. Gypsy Queen is ridden and driven, as well as being a trainee boat horse and logger. She is owned by Rick Muir and Joanna Peck. Rick is the Southern rep of the Horseboating Society.
Gypsy Queen first did some horseboating in 2010 when she pulled “Angel” about one mile and down the lock flight to the Braunston Gathering of Historic Boats.
Alder at Over

At the Over Canal and Beer Festival. Photo: Rick Muir

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